Afinación y temperamentos históricos

[978-84-206-6546-7 ]
  • Afinación y temperamentos históricos

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Author: J. Javier Goldáraz Gaínza
Publishing: Alianza Editorial
Number of pages: 272

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The interest generated by the new models of musical historical interpretation has made the problem of tuning instruments relevant gain in importance. It is known that with the tunes just can not be established a unified scale tuning, hence needed tuning musical instruments to suit changing usual practice musical tunes. If, as I said Salinas, perfection is one, but the imperfection can be done in many ways, systems tuning and hardening of the instruments have been many and varied over Western musical practice. J. Javier Goldaraz professor organology and Acoustics at the Conservatorio Superior de Musica de Madrid, presents a detailed historical guide in their own context of those systems tuning and temperament most successful along our musical history, some of the which are in use today.

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